Diamond Technical Services, Inc. (DTS)
is an engineering consulting and technical services company focusing on utility, industrial, and manufacturing industries in providing premium unbiased inspection and condition assessment services. We specialize in Visual Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Examination (NDE), Certified Weld Inspection, Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC), Project Management staffing, as well as CAD drawing and drafting services. DTS employees are capable of functioning at any level while blending with your staff. At DTS our primary goal is maintaining high system availability for our clients.

DTS ensures its clients that every scheduled or unscheduled inspection will be thorough and proper. Through our detailed reports, we provide our clients with an accurate condition assessment, the ability to PRIORITIZE and MONITOR corrective action, repair recommendations to help minimize component failure, and the ability to track the status of all repair recommendations. DTS ensures repairs are done correctly with no corners cut that would jeopardize the component integrity. We also provide staffing and field support personnel to supplement the client and contractors in areas of engineering, inspection, surveillance, monitoring, coordination, and support of work being performed by other various contractors.

Since incorporating in late 1999, DTS has grown from servicing one client to servicing dozens of major companies in over 25 states in the power generation, industrial and pipeline markets. We are committed to becoming the premier engineering consulting and technical services company in the country for the utility, industrial, and manufacturing industries.