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Core Values


DTS firmly upholds a commitment to its employees and clients for their safety, while performing at the highest degree of moral character, technical excellence, quality and competence within all of its divisions, while developing strong, synergistic relationships with the client personnel and outage teams. DTS will respond to and meet the customer demands, and anticipate the customer's needs.

Knowledge & Experience

DTS has the advantage of working with various companies and observing different methods and philosophies of the technical service and engineering fields. This experience includes evaluation, performance, contract service supervision, and software design for enhancing operation and efficiency. It is paramount to our success as a company that we work together as an integrated team, harnessing the power of our collective skills, viewpoints, and efforts to address business opportunities and solve problems. DTS personnel are capable of functioning at any level in the consulting and inspection fields, while seamlessly integrating with your staff.  Furthermore, DTS offers pragmatic, interdisciplinary engineering consultation, as well as the foresight, to propose the appropriate NDT and remote inspection services.


In all of industry, reliability is measured by availability to provide continuous product to their customers. DTS understands and shares their client's availability and reliability goals. DTS provides a critical path for its client to achieve their availability goals while allowing clients to extend the run time between maintenance.

Value Creation

As a company, our goal is always to create value for our clients through planning, detailed and timely inspections, prioritization of repairs, expert engineering consultation, and practical recommendations. These guiding principles have been developed by consolidating proven, successful strategies of our entire client base and incorporating them into DTS' unique operating philosophy.

This Philosophy Reflects our Value Proposition!