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Engineering Services

DTS provides comprehensive professional engineering and metallurgical consulting services for the chemical, refining, food processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, utility, and power industries. Our core personnel, consisting of licensed Professional Engineers, architects, and designers, draw from an extensive interdisciplinary knowledge base, informed by years of practical experience and field-tested techniques. We offer pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to the unique demands of our clients, all the while ensuring diligence and steadfast support every step of the process.

We built our reputation upon a history of strong customer relations, and a full profile of successfully executed projects. Based on this history, reliability, and integrity, we continue to foster associations with established customers and look forward to providing this level of service to you. For more information regarding our engineering services, please contact our Illinois office at 815-634-2727.

Architectural Engineering | Civil/Structural Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Metallurgical Engineering | Process Engineering | CAD Services


Professional Engineering Services



Architectural Engineering

Architectural EngineeringArchitecture at DTS specializes in the design of industrial, manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical facilities. Our experienced staff of Licensed Architects and designers can help facilitate the successful completion of all architectural projects ranging from facility support structures to new plant layouts.

  • Building Design, New & Renovation
  • Building Code Review
  • Programming
  • Schematic/Conceptual Design
  • Site Planning
  • Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Facilities
  • cGMP Compliant Design
  • ADA Compliance Analysis
  • Permit Assistance/Acquisition
  • Construction Administration & Observation
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Furniture/Finishes Selection
  • Interior Design

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Civil/Structural Engineering

The DTS staff of Professional and Structural licensed engineers use their vast experience, along with modern technology, to solve problems efficiently and effectively. Our personnel takes pride in thinking outside of the box, solving complex engineering problems requiring unique solutions in today’s ever-expanding industrial facilities.

Structural Engineering

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Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering
  • Design of Industrial Structures & Buildings, New & Retrofit
  • Steel, Structural Concrete, Foundations, Masonry & Timber Design
  • Building Code Review
  • Construction Support
  • Permitting Support
  • Construction Cost Evaluation
  • Structural Steel/Piping & Equipment Support Systems
  • Equipment & Tank Foundations
  • Evaluation of Existing Structures Including Historic
  • Computer Generated Design Analysis
  • Code & Non-Code Load Determinations
  • Storm/Sanitary/Potable Water Systems
  • Road & Parking Lot Design
  • GMP & ADA Compliant Designs
  • Detailed Connection Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Seismic Design
  • Design for Spill Containment

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Electrical Engineering

The DTS electrical engineering department possesses the knowledge and experience to solve the myriad of demands unique to power and industry. We offer services ranging from power distribution to the development of instrumentation systems. Relevant safety codes extensively inform our design principles and practice, as well the latest advancements in the field. We emphasize safety, compliance, and feasibility while working closely with our clients and vendors to ensure quality from inception to completion.

Also, our team offers thorough development and support of a multitude of instrumentation and control systems. Our services are comprehensive, covering a broad spectrum from hardware specification to PLC programming and troubleshooting.

Power Systems EngineeringPower Systems Engineering

  • Single Line Development
  • Perform/Analyze Load Studies
  • Medium/Low Power Distribution
  • Motor Control Center (MCC) Layout & Design
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Emergency & Standby Generators/UPS Systems
  • Relay Selection
  • Code Compliance (NFPA, NEC)
    • Review
    • Hazardous Area Classification

Electrical Systems EngineeringElectrical Systems Engineering

  • Lighting
  • Grounding & Protection
  • Electric Heat Tracing
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Controls
  • Packaging
  • Documentation (Cable, Conduit, Power Plans & Schedules)

Electrical InstrumentationInstrumentation

  • Process Instrumentation & Equipment Specifications
    • Hardware (Transmitters, Sensors, Actuated Valves)
    • PLC/DCS Specifications
  • System Evaluations, Upgrades, and Modifications
  • Process Communications & Network Design (Devicenet, Foundation Fieldbus)
  • Documentation & Drawings
    • Instrument I/O Listing
    • Instrument Datasheets
    • Loop & Logic Diagrams
    • Location Plans
    • Mounting Details
    • Cable Schedules & Schematics
    • Functional Control Descriptions
    • Control Panel Layouts
  • Programming
    • PLC & DCS
    • HMI (RSView Studio for PanelView terminals, Intellution, others)
    • C++ Systems
    • Start-up & Troubleshooting

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Mechanical Engineering

From large plant expansions to single pipeline additions, DTS mechanical engineers and piping designers have decades of experience in providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions, regardless of project size. Our stress analysis team uses their experience and the latest software to provide realistic evaluations of piping systems, thus ensuring code compliance while avoiding potentially unnecessary redesign.

Piping DesignPiping Design

  • Piping & Equipment Layout
  • Isometric/Spool Drawing Creation
  • Piping Component Specification
  • 3D Modeling
  • P&ID Walkdowns
  • Contractor Scope of Work & Bid Package Creation


Mechanical DesignMechanical Design

  • Equipment Sizing/Specifications/Selection
  • Pressure Vessel & Storage Tank Design
  • Relief Device Sizing & Selection
  • Hydraulic Calculations
  • Dust Collection System Design
  • Material Handling
  • Combustible Dust Explosion Prevention & Protection
  • HVAC Design

Stress AnalysisStress Analysis

  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Pipe Support Selection/Design
  • Piping Component & Nozzle FEA
  • Piping Hanger Inspections
  • Vibration Analysis

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Metallurgical Engineering

Metallurgical EngineeringAt DTS, our licensed​ and professional metallurgical engineers can perform formal failure analysis investigations of a power plant and industrial equipment and related components, conduct root cause investigations of plant equipment failures, condition assessment of power plant components, provide material consultation, as well as welding, ASME, and NBIC consulting.

We have performed nationwide over 150 metallurgical failure analysis reports with recommendations for various industrial clients. DTS Metallurgical has also performed consulting of wind turbine bearing failures and has assisted a client with material properties evaluation associated with pipe induction bending qualification. Furthermore, we are involved with two on-going litigation cases as a subject matter expert for materials, welding, and code consulting.

  • Metallurgical Failure Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis Investigations
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Support for Shop & Field Activities
  • Welding Consultation & Auditing of Corporate Weld Programs
  • Component Fabrication Shop Audits
  • Component Weld Repair Recommendations
  • Development of a Boiler Tube Leak Reduction
  • Program to Improve Boiler Availability & Optimize Maintenance Costs
  • HRSG & Boiler Condition Assessment
  • Training on Power, Chemical & Refinery Materials, & Failure Analysis Methods
  • Failure Analysis or Root Cause Investigations for Wind Turbines & Associated Wind Turbine Components
  • Steam Turbine Consulting
  • Coordinate Condition Assessment Activities for Steam Turbines
  • Provide Repair Scopes for Steam Turbine
  • ASME/NBIC Code Consulting & Training

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Process Engineering

Process EngineeringDTS provides a front end analysis approach utilizing process flows, P&IDs, and equipment specifications, accompanied by a total installed cost estimate and timeline for each project. Our professionals provide our clients with well-integrated solutions to process, control, reliability, and quality challenges.

Our team has the experience to thoroughly document the client processes and scale-up production from the bench scale to railcar quantities. With our level of front end and detail engineering, we fully assist our clients to meet their specific needs for project timeliness and budget.

  • Front End Concept Drawings & Studies
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Capital Budgeting Total Installed Cost Estimates
  • Project Schedules from Concept to Commissioning
  • P&ID’s & Controls for Automation
  • Piping Specifications & Line Index
  • Plant Layouts & Site Plans
  • Vessel Drawings for Optimum Process Function
  • Equipment & Instrument Specifications
  • Material & Energy Balances
  • Relief Valve & Line Sizing/Analysis
  • Process Hazards Analysis

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CAD Services

DTS provides high-quality CAD support both in-house and on-site at client locations, with superior expertise in 2-D modeling, 3-D modeling, and more. We support a variety of engineering disciplines to meet our client’s needs. Our staff strives for excellence and efficiency, working to ensure that projects are completed on budget and on schedule.

CAD ServicesServices Provided

  • CAD Design
  • Document Management
    • Database (Upload & Download)
    • Scanning Documents up to 36”
    • Printing Documents up to 36”
    • Document Pickup & Delivery
  • Assembly of Bid Folders
  • Development of Standards

CAD ProductsProducts Used

  • AutoDesk Products
    • AutoCAD
    • Raster
    • AutoCAD Plant 3-D
    • Inventor
    • Revit
  • SolidWorks
  • Utilize 3-D Scans

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