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Mission & Vision

The DTS Mission

To maintain our status as a leader in technical services and engineering by providing our clients with the highest quality, most comprehensive services ensuring their increased safety, reliability, and profitability.

DTS will achieve this by adhering to its core values; providing services that will enhance the availability of the plant, while minimizing financial loss due to unplanned outages. DTS will deliver ongoing plant cost-savings by decreasing maintenance costs through consistent, efficient and accurate inspections and engineering services, inclusive of prioritized recommendations, capital budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation for future outages. Also, our clients have acquired markedly improved safety records as a result of the premier services we provide.

The DTS Vision

DTS differentiates itself from its competitors by providing services to clients that have enabled them to be most cost-effective and thus, actually impact the bottom line profitability of its customers.

It is important for DTS to support the client's planning team, and DTS provides a supporting role in the entire management process, offering vital assistance in all technical services and engineering disciplines. Support services are provided throughout the whole process, as it is imperative to identify that process, and where DTS integrates synergistically with its clients.

DTS strives to be the premier technical service and engineering consulting company for the utility, power, chemical, refining, food processing, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries, regionally and ultimately across the nation. We will achieve this primarily through the continuous enhancement of our operational and technical capability, to provide clients the best value proposition.